Put East Europe on the map of the growing continental market of tiny houses, modular homes, and prefabricated houses.  


– To inform and promote to more than 1000 individuals and businesses a new way of living and a new way of doing tourism and remote work;

– To bring the best suppliers from Romania, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Poland, Hungary, etc. to showcase their work;

– To create an affordable and efficient alternative for builders from this part of Europe to be present at a European dedicated festival.

The first tiny house festival in Eastern Europe will be an exciting and unique event, showcasing the growing interest in minimalist and sustainable living.

Hosted over a weekend in a picturesque location, the festival will draw in tiny house enthusiasts from all over the region, as well as curious visitors who want to learn more about this innovative way of living and tourism. 

The festival features a variety of tiny homes, from DIY constructions to professionally built models, all designed to maximize space and minimize environmental impact.

Visitors will be able to tour the homes and learn about the design and construction process, as well as speak with the owners and builders to get inspiration for their own projects. 

In addition to the tiny homes themselves, the festival will also have a range of workshops and talks on topics such as renewable energy, composting, and off-grid living.

There will be also vendors selling eco-friendly products and services, as well as food trucks serving delicious vegan and vegetarian options. 

One of the highlights of the festival will be the community atmosphere. Attendees can camp on-site by tent or camper and participate in communal activities such as yoga classes and bonfire gatherings, fostering a sense of connection and collaboration among the tiny house community. 

The first tiny house festival in Eastern Europe aims to be a huge success from the very first edition, demonstrating the growing interest in sustainable and minimalist living in the region.   It provides a platform for tiny house enthusiasts to connect, learn, and share ideas and is sure to inspire many more people to explore this exciting way of life. 

We expect a number minimum of 20 tiny houses, modular homes, temporary structures, or prefabricated houses.  There will be present exhibitors, suppliers, and partners of the tiny house construction industry, floor heating companies, off-grid solutions providers, insulation suppliers, and tent Glamping importers. 

There will be also a special section for tiny homes on wheels like converted vans, new food trucks/trailers, and new and retro campers for rent or sale.  

PROGRAM  19-22nd of June

Setup of the festival - the exhibitors are requested to bring and install their houses or stands  

Friday, 23rd of June  12.00 start of the festival – media and business to business focus   20.00 end of Day 1  20.00-22.00 networking among the exhibitors  

Saturday, 24th of June  10.00-20.00 Visiting hours, activities for kids, music, shopping items dedicated to families and travel, food trucks, TV media broadcast  

Sunday, 25th of June    10.00-17.00 Last day of the festival from   After 17.00 Dismantle the stands and houses until the 27th of June at the latest   Access is convenient, directly from the European road to the venue of the Tiny house festival, guest house and events host Râșnov  

Fees  We want to make sure that this festival will have very reasonable costs for the exhibitors, including the participation fee.   Your investment is based on the surface you need and on the nm number of model you wish to showcase.   Early booking (sign-ups until 15.04.2023) 

  • 250 € per house under 15 square meters  
  • 350 € under 30 square meters  

(Excluding optional electricity, 50 euros per festival/stand)  

  • For stands under 5 sqm 150 euro 

From 15.04.2023 

  • 450 € per house under 15 square meters  
  • 650 € under 30 square meters  

(Excluding optional electricity 50 euros per festival/stand) 

The tiny house space will be allocated by the festival team. All the signups have to be approved by the festival team in order to ensure the quality of the exhibitors and of their work.   If you wish to become a sponsor of the festival that will assure you even greater visibility on the site, online, and on television please contact us at tudor@elevate.ro 

Looking forward to meeting you!  

Best regards, 

Tudor Maxim 

Founder Elevate and Pura Vida Huts  

Head of the organizing committee     

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