Modular Houses

Pura Vida Huts

Tiny houses with heart and soul

Eco Tiny House

We are a small business, building big dreams.

Our team has experienced building engineers, passionate carpenters and dream managers.


Located in Gura Humorului, a town located in the wonderful land of Bucovina, surrounded by resin forests and famous monasteries, Doxar is one of the reference builders of wooden structures and houses in Romania.

Tiny Revolution


Rentakub is a platform for renting vacation homes and cabins.

Rentakub is focused on renting Kub vacation homes, but recently the platform has also opened to partner vacation homes that meet our criteria.

We have about 25 models of our own holiday homes that we manufacture with a network of five approved manufacturers. Some of the models are intended to be assembled on site, but we also have a range of about 10 modular models that are completely manufactured in the factory and transported to the site in containers.

The constructive systems used by rentakub manufacturers are wood timber frame and metal wood timber frame.

We will participate in this festival with a module of x m2 produced by one of the rentakub-approved manufacturers.

IsoIAir logo

IsolAir Thermo este o termoizolatie reflectiva de înaltă eficiență care oferă performanțe superioare  unui strat de 10 cm  izolație minerală bazaltică și folie bariera de vapori. Izolatia reflectiva a fost dezvoltata de NASA pentru a izola navetele spatiale cu o izolatie usoara ( de 7 ori mai usoara decat vata bazaltica cu aceleasi performante) cu dimensiuni reduse oferind mai mult spatiu (de 10 ori mai subtire )si fiind neutra la factorii de mediu, apa, vapori, mirosuri, rozatoare, insecte .)

ISH Architecture

Tiny Stove

  “Because every Tiny House needs a TINY STOVE
we challenge the field by creating something
different, built with love and care.
Let us warm you!”

NEST - Nomadic Eco Solutions for Tourism


We strongly believe that LUCS-urious ‘places to live’, or ‘spend your vacations’, are what the world needs today!

Our promise is to be the voice that makes people acknowledge the benefits of this lifestyle.

Taking our promise further, we design, manufacture, deliver and assemble products that correspond to a L.U.C.S. concept:

  • Leisure
  • Useful
  • Comfortable
  • Sustainable

We deliver this concept in multiple European countries, covering hundreds of campings and individual homes, touching the lives of thousands of families!

Our name is CASArbor, a company based in Covasna county, and we look forward to listening your ideas and support you throughout the realisation of your project!

Logo Eco Green City

Eco Green City

 Our company Eco Green City mainly sells geodesic structures of different sizes, expandable container house, collapsible containers, various types of tents for accommodation, glamping, camping, events, showroom, events, storage or relaxation.

Since 2020, we have been selling ecological industrial and commercial systems for cooling tents, houses and open spaces, as well as professional solar ventilation and lighting systems.

logo Daco


DACO is the brand conceived by a team of Romanians, for Romanians, right in the heart of Romania, in Transylvania.


It encompasses a wide range of products that bring JOY, inspiration, and functionality into everyday life, whether it’s at school, in the office, or during manual work or art.

Logo MV Concept

Magic Villas Concept

Magic Villas Concept is a company whose profile is based on the sale of thermal insulating sandwich panels ( a modern alternative to classic construction materials) and making constructions with metal structure and sandwich panels.

For this reason came the desire to approach the concept of tiny house.

Daydreaming? You want something stylish but confortable, to have it quickly and at reasonable prices?

The answer is Magic Villas Concept!

Contact us !

0771 520 520 

Tiny Dream Logo


Home is anywhere…

Mobile tiny houses on wooden structure, furnished, fully equipped, with or without chassis.

Logo Beprogressive Romania

Beprogressive Romania

Looking forward to meeting you 



Best regards, 

Tudor Maxim 

Founder Elevate and Pura Vida Huts  

Head of the organizing committee

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